June 2: The Essence and Aim of Devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Meditations Based on the Writings of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

Audio of Today’s Meditation


According to St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar, devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is the summary of our faith and our norm for the perfect Christian life. The aim of this devotion is to better know and repay the love of the Lord Jesus. The object of its worship is the Heart of Jesus, formed by the Holy Spirit in the womb of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary and later pierced by the lance upon the Cross. This Heart is intimately united with the Divinity of Christ. As the Heart of the God-Man, It belongs to the Divine Person.  It is also the fire and emblem of the Divine and human love of the Incarnate Word. This love that He as God shares with the Father and the Spirit is the same love that filled His human Heart, the ineffable love that imbued all His words and deeds.

This Divine Heart, so worthy of love, is the temple of Divinity, the throne of grace, the seat of mercy, the treasury filled with gifts and the source of Divine life on earth. From this Heart flowed forth all the works of love. From this Heart was born the holy Catholic Church. From It issued the seven sacraments as seven springs of salvation. Even to this day, all goodness flows from this Heart since It is Itself peace, reparation, oblation, life and resurrection. For the sake of love, the Incarnate Word emptied Himself and was meek, merciful and ready for all sufferings. The Heart of Jesus – pitying all misery, weeping at the tomb of Lazarus and allowing the sinful woman to approach His feet, was filled with this love, the greatest signs of which are the crib, the Cross, the altar and the tabernacle.


Our love that is enkindled through our meditation on the love of the Lord Jesus, protects us from sin, gains us entrance into the Heart of Jesus, and causes us to imitate His virtues and adopt His desires. Our love stirs up our zeal to spread the Kingdom of the Heart of God upon earth. We then become eager to make various sacrifices for this Heart, to do deeds of reparation for insults and rejection of Him, and to turn to this Heart in all our needs.

To the human heart, love is in the moral order, what blood is in the physical.  While it depends upon our will –called the queen of our spiritual life –to choose the object of our love, still it is commonly said that it is the heart that loves. Love in the heart gives rise to strong feelings that often entice the will, even when reason opposes. The human heart must love something, and what it loves, it comes to resemble.

In the Holy Scripture God speaks: My son, give me your heart (Prv 23:26). It is at once a request to give our will and our very selves. The Savior assures us: Where your treasure is, there also is your heart (Mt 6:21) — and again, Out of the heart…come evil designs: murder, adulterous conduct…stealing (Mt 15:19).  Let us form our hearts then solely according to the Heart of God.

St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar, Founder of the Sister Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and Bishop of Przemysl, Poland (1842-1924)

Litany to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Heart of Jesus, Hear!  Sung by Sacred Heart Sisters 

Behold This Heart – By Fr. Joseph Gill 


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