June 6: The Characteristics of Love for the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Meditations on the Writings of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

Love is comprised of a personal bond between the individual and God. On God’s part, this love introduces into the human soul the faculty that enables the soul to receive God and to somehow reach Him. It is a supernatural opening of the heart that gives us the ability to be aware of God’s presence. On our part, our love is a spiritual action originating in our will and in our decision directed toward an act. Our love means our choice of God, our acceptance, awe, wonder and worship of Him. Love directs the whole person toward God: the longing of our heart and soul, all our thoughts and strength. Such a meeting of the soul with God is always carried out through the Heart of Christ Jesus who is our Gate to the supernatural life, our way to God.

Saint Joseph Sebastian Pelczar teaches us the kind of love one must have who desires to repay the love of the Heart of God: “Above all,” he writes, “your love must manifest itself in its perfect agreement with God’s will and thus in your eager acceptance of all that God sends you –in difficult moments as in happy ones. May this love also show itself in this, namely, that in God you see your Supreme Good, that you choose Him above all else, preferring even to lose all things rather than to offend Him.”

Love is pure and whole when it loves in God and only in Him all that is worthy of love. It guards against the self-love that seeks everywhere its own glory and interests.

St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

Love is true and perfect when it shows itself not simply in external practices, in mere words or tender feelings, but when it flows from a cooperation of our will with God’s grace. True love shows itself especially in increasing honor and love for the Heart of Jesus. Such love rests upon the deep foundation of humility and is accompanied by the fear of God that urges us to keep ourselves from even the smallest sin. Love is faithful when it keeps all the commandments and transgresses none of them. Moreover, it laments its own sins and those of others; it suffers over people’s blindness and contempt for God and it does all within its power so that sin and error will disappear from the face of the earth. Love is pure and whole when it loves in God and only in Him all that is worthy of love. It guards against the self-love that seeks everywhere its own glory and interests. Love is disinterested and noble when it loves God –not for His gifts only but for His own sake.  In such a way, love inclines the soul to detachment from creatures, self-denial, and the sacrifice of our whole being, that is to say, the surrender of our reason through faith and prayer; the surrender of our heart through union with God; the surrender of our will through obedience; the surrender of our body, through chastity, penance and work; and the offering of our entire life, through our faithful service. Perfect love is ardent and persevering when it is furthest from tepidity and despondency. Such love inclines our heart towards the love of God, not simply in bright moments such as in consolation and peace, but also in dark times of dryness and trials. It directs us to think of God, to long for Him, to speak to Him in prayer and to unite ourselves with Him in Holy Communion.

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Michael John Poirier – Sacred Heart Song


St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar, Founder of the Sister Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and Bishop of Przemysl, Poland (1842-1924)


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