June 9: Mother Mary – The Gift of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus and our Way to Him

Meditations Based on the Writings of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

The Annunciation by Titian

“Among the privileges that God has so abundantly bestowed upon the Most Blessed Virgin,” writes St. Joseph Sebastian, “the greatest is this, namely, that through the power of the Holy Spirit, the Son of God, He who is consubstantial with the Father, God from God, Light from Light, took from her human flesh. All her other privileges and graces –her Immaculate Conception, her protection from every stain of sin, her perpetual virginity, her fullness of gifts, her radiance of virtues and Assumption, all these are as rays from a glorious sun whose center is her Divine Maternity…He whom heaven and earth can neither contain nor encompass remained within the virginal womb of Mary…He who feeds all creatures was nourished with milk at her breast…He, at whose mere nod all things are subject, was obedient to her.”

Mary is a precious gift to us from the Divine Heart. Her motherly heart is a reflection of the Heart of Jesus.

St. Joseph Sebastian continues, “She became Mother at the moment she conceived and gave birth to the Son of God, becoming Mother even to the entire Christian family since the Lord Jesus is our Head and we are His members. This motherhood was ratified on Calvary when Mary again gave birth to us by participating in the pain of the Redeemer. On that occasion, at His words: Woman, behold your son (Jn 19:26), the Lord Jesus conferred upon His Mother not only the name but the sentiments of a Mother; He imparted from His Heart to hers the fire of His love.   From the height of the Cross, the Lord Jesus beheld His most beloved Mother—her heart pierced with the sword of suffering yet filled with love for humanity.  So He desired that she would become the Mother of mankind and He bequeathed this as His last will and testament.

The Mother of God exercises her motherhood over all people but especially those who receive this truth with trust. She fulfils her office with such care that the love of all mothers upon earth cannot compare with her motherly love.

 “O how great and how noble is this Mother! The Son of God was Himself obedient to her on earth; at her request He hastened His miracle at Cana and made her the mediatrix of heavenly gifts. The Fathers of the Church…assert that through her Son’s might, Mary is so powerful that nothing can resist her power as a Mother on her knees and her intercession is efficacious.  Moreover, the saints testify that our prayers will be answered more swiftly if we entrust them to the hands of Mary since this merciful Mother joins her own merits to our prayers.”

  This motherhood and intercession of Mary is an ineffable happiness for all people and thus to each one of us.  How can we not give thanks then to the Lord?

As I Kneel Before You, Sung By Our Sisters
Ave Verum, Sung By Our Sisters

“Standing by the Cross” (Jn 19:25)

May shares in the gift which the Son makes of himself: She offers Jesus, gives Him over, and begets Him to the end for our sake. The ‘yes’ spoken on the day of the Annunciation reaches full maturity on the day of the cross, when the time comes for Mary to receive and beget as hr children all those who become disciples, pouring out upon them the saving love of her Son: “When Jesus saw His Mother, and the disciple whom He loved standing near, He said to His Mother, “Woman, behold your Son!’ (Jn 19:26)

Pope St. John Paul II

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