June 10: The Holy Church – The Gift of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Meditations Based on the Writings

of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

St. John the Evangelist recorded: One of the soldiers thrust a lance into his side, and immediately blood and water gushed forth (Jn 19:34). The piercing of the side and Heart of the Lord Jesus became a sign of the ability of all humanity to have entrance into this Heart; and the gushing forth of blood and water from His side became a symbol of the holy sacraments. As once Eve came forth from the side of Adam, so too the side of Christ has the Church come forth, and with her the sources of the graces she distributes for our salvation.

Feast of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus – SS. Cyril and Methodius ...

The Church is the herald of the Kingdom of the Heart of Jesus, the Kingdom of truth and grace. The Lord entrusted to her all the riches of Redemption, all the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Church is the chosen Spouse of the Lord, His Mystical Body in which He lives, acts and shows His love.  The Church is a mother to humanity since she is ever giving birth to Christ in the world. She is an intermediary who always distributes heavenly treasures. The Church is a spiritual mother, since through baptism she brings to birth the children of God and through the grace of Jesus Christ, sustains supernatural life in them.  She teaches them, feeds them, comforts, protects and leads them to heaven. Thus from their birth into God’s life she cares for these her children until natural death, and remembers them even after death.

The one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church - Our Sunday Visitor

The Holy Catholic Church is a work of infinite love. The Lord Jesus entrusted to her His truth, His law, His grace and power. He also strengthened her and made her fruitful through the descent of the Holy Spirit. What is more, He instituted the Most Blessed Sacrament in which He not only distributes immeasurable graces but in which He also remains as Divine Benefactor to His Church to be for her the sacrifice, life, light, strength, consolation and center of God’s service.

St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar spoke and wrote with great enthusiasm and with ardent love about the Church as our spiritual mother: “Who is able to recount the virtues of this mother? This mother, the Catholic Church, is most chaste, for she is the immaculate Bride of Christ, the purest of Spouses. This mother is fruitful for she has given birth to countless children for Christ and continues to do so. She is likewise the custodian of revealed truth and guardian of God’s law, the protector of justice and freedom, the keeper of civilization and education, and promoter of true progress. This mother is kindhearted because the love of the Heart of Christ flows into her heart. She is holy, for her Spouse is holy. Her teaching, her law and her sacraments are holy, and her children in great number are among the company of saints and others who strive for holiness. This mother is wonderful, because upon her brow shines a golden crown interwoven with a crown of thorns. This mother is powerful and immortal, for neither sword nor time can destroy her, nor hell conquer her. O what great happiness, what honor for us that we are the children of such a mother!”

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