JUNE 11: Dedication to the Most Sacred Heart of JEsus as Proof of our Love for God

Based on the Writings of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

Audio of Today’s Meditation
Image in the Visitation Monastery Chapel of Apparition at Paray Le Monial, France

According to St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar’s teaching, within the womb of the Immaculate Virgin the Holy Spirit formed for the Lord Jesus’ human nature the most wonderful, purest, holiest and most loving Heart. The first beat of His Heart was an act of self-offering to His Heavenly Father; thus did the Lord Jesus acknowledge that He as Man does not exist of Himself and for Himself but lives only for one reason –to offer Himself for the glory of the Father and the good of humanity.  As such this is an act of the greatest love, the most complete obedience, the most profound humility, an act of perfect oblation for mankind. With every beat of His Heart, He renewed this offering throughout life and pronounced it loudly in the Garden of Olives and upon the Cross. Actually, His love found a still more astonishing way of self-emptying and self-offering in the Most Holy Mystery of the Altar.

The essence of the Christian life consists in our own self-offering to God, a self-offering which depends on our love.  And yet love is impossible without this surrender to the beloved.  Not only is our sanctity contained in this self-offering to God but our happiness even now here on earth.

The more a person gives himself to God, ocean of happiness, the more God gives Himself to the person. To give one’s self to God means to acknowledge His rule over us, to listen to Him and make Him the center of our life, placing nothing ahead of Him or equal to Him, loving all things because of Him. To give one’s self perfectly to God is to serve Him not out of fear or desire for reward, but instead to give one’s self solely out of pure love for Him. A devotee of the Heart of Jesus loves God ardently and desires to take Him as the one and only master of his heart. Everything else has a place in his heart only insofar as it agrees with God’s design. When a person does not seek himself but seeks God always and everywhere, even the smallest sin becomes for him a rejection of God’s love.

Our self-offering to God is a renunciation and denial of self so as to live in God and for Him. Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is worthy of such sacrifice since He renounced Himself out of love for us.

There are those persons who, heedless of the fire of their trials and the battles that are burning them, will not descend from the altar of sacrifice until their entire holocaust is consumed. These are the saints.

Some would like to offer themselves wholly to the Heart of Jesus but for some reason are unable. Others do not want to renounce some weakness or their attachments whether to themselves, other creatures or things, justifying that such things are not yet a sin. They do not notice that such weakness impedes spiritual growth. When God would try to purify them, they obstinately resist Him by justifying themselves. Others give themselves to the Heart of Jesus, yet only within certain limits. When, the Lord demands from them greater sacrifice, placing before them a more demanding obligation or a more painful cross, they flee from it. Some persons offer to the Heart of Jesus that which they themselves choose and which is not necessarily what God wants from them. There are those too who give the Heart of Jesus sacrifices that may appear beautiful but are essentially without value, since these offerings are strongly poisoned by self-love. Finally there are others, alas many, who do not even think to offer anything to the Heart of Jesus because they totally serve the world and themselves, their only god being their own “I”, their flesh or their money.

Here I Am, Lord Sung by our Sisters

I Have Loved You Sung by our Sisters

Maker of the Universe by Phil Keaggy

St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

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