June 12: Union with the Sentiments of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Based on the Writings of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

Meditation 12 – Today’s Meditation

In His humanity, the Lord Jesus became like us in all things but sin.  Thus he also experienced our longing, joy, sorrow and sadness; however His emotions were always ordered and surrendered to His will, and were therefore stirred whenever He desired and permitted them. What is more, His emotions always included what was good and holy and were ever in conformity with the will of his Heavenly Father. All Jesus’ emotions were directed solely to the glory of God and for the salvation of mankind. There was always peace within the Heart of the Savior, even during His greatest sadness in Gethsemane and on Calvary.

Human emotions carry within themselves the visible mark of original sin.  They are injured, wounded and are ready to serve our senses rather than our reason. At times they are directed against God’s will and cause a battle within the person, which, sad to say, sometimes even ends in great defeat. Even good emotions can harm someone if they are excessive and not subject to the power of reason.

Among the various emotions, the strongest is love. It exerts such a power over the human heart, that it can truly be said that as love goes, so goes the heart.  Because of original sin, a wrongful self-love has entered into the will and heart of man – a constant self-preoccupation, a constant desire for one’s own honor and affection or to secure for one’s self everything that brings glory, consolation or profit, regardless of offense against God or harm to the soul.  St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar warns us that under such an influence of disordered self-love, the human heart will attach itself to creatures, clinging to them like ivy to a tree, and then only the grace of God can free the heart.   The feelings of such a heart are as unsettled as the waves upon a rolling sea. At times, they will raise the heart to the heights of joy and hope while at other times they will cast this same heart into an abyss of sadness and despair, such a state stirring up feelings of envy and hatred. For this reason the heart becomes always restless and disordered like a boat tossed about by great waves, which, instead of sailing in the direction of God, instead sinks in the violent storms of sin. 

Jesus has the power to bring order to our human emotions, to calm the heart’s disturbance and to heal our wounds.

In such inner turmoil, the person must turn to the Heart of God who has become his brother. Jesus has the power to bring order to our human emotions, to calm the heart’s disturbance and to heal our wounds. Only the King of human hearts can help someone keep peace in the midst of that which arises within him against his will. It is God who directs human love to the right object. If the emotions become disordered there is need to acknowledge and expose such errors so as to weaken their power and obtain God’s strength – the best means being the Sacrament of Penance. We need to examine our emotions in light of the emotions and desires of the Heart of Jesus who is the image and source of perfect love. We must offer our emotions to His Heart, so that in Him, as in a furnace, our emotions may be purified and sanctified. In moments of disordered emotions, we must ask this Heart not to allow us to be led into temptation.

One thought on “June 12: Union with the Sentiments of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

  1. Thank you for this beautiful and necessary devotion.
    Jesus, I trust in You. Help me to trust in You even more.


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