June 13: Union with the Heart of Jesus in All Our Undertakings and In Our Sufferings

Based on the Writings of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

Day 13 – Today’s Meditation

All the deeds of the Lord Jesus, even the smallest, were incomparably perfect and holy.

In our human endeavors there is often much that is lacking; frequently there are many defects and imperfections. Many of our acts, while regarded externally as good and beautiful, actually have no value before God. Sometimes they only arise from a wrongful intention –for example, from the desire for vainglory and egoism. At other times there is much laziness and infidelity in fulfilling them.  Yet each human endeavor should praise God, our Creator and Lord.

St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar reminds us that in order to sanctify our work and daily tasks, we must have both sanctifying grace and a pure intention. We should do everything out of love for God, for the sake of His glory and for the good of others. With God’s help we should fulfill everything zealously and with holy joy, doing so promptly and with an awareness of God’s presence.  Our increase in sanctity on earth and our glory in heaven depend upon our persevering faithfulness – not only in great things, but in lesser matters as well.

To be perfect in all things, we must unite our life of work and prayer so that the Lord Jesus would be the beginning, the exemplar, and the end of each undertaking. Daily we should offer ourselves and all that is ours to the Most Sacred Heart of the Savior through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and repeat this act of offering especially before performing the important actions of the day. In the various times and hours of our day, we should unite ourselves with the Lord Jesus by calling to mind the events of His life, and penetrating the desires of His Heart.

Union with the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is especially needed in our trials and sufferings. Jesus Christ, King of Sorrows, has suffered immense pains so as to expiate human sin. At the same time, through His Passion, the Lord Jesus teaches us a meritorious acceptance of our sufferings, that we would have the ability and grace to sanctity them. To this end, Jesus accepted the cross that rightfully belonged to us, and yet how often do we run from the cross!  The one who refuses to accept the cross and all difficulty cannot be His disciple; who refuses to suffer can have no part in His glory. Without the cross and self-denial, there is no salvation, there is no Christ.

The Heart of Jesus teaches us to accept all our sufferings in the spirit of penance and love as the gift of God’s goodness and confidence in us.   In painful sadness, poverty or sickness, in moments of disappointment, humiliation and persecution, as well as in the loss of dear ones, we have identification with the life and experiences of the Lord Jesus. In everything, the Heart of Jesus understands us and desires to be Himself united with us.  His Heart is closest to us in all our sufferings. Still, it depends upon us whether we will use these experiences and difficult moments of our life as a great gift, a challenge and our most favorable opportunity along our way to perfection and happiness.

St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

More information on St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar and the Sister Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus can be found www.sacredheartsisters.org.

I Have Loved You – Sung by our Sisters
Shepherd Me, O God – Sung by our Sisters

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