June 14: Union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus in our Prayer

Based on the Writings of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

Meditation 14- Today’s Meditation

From the first moment of the Incarnation, the Holy Spirit filled the Heart of Jesus with His gifts; therefore we can now draw from Its fullness. This Heart of the Son of God, open to all humanity, is the source of graces and the font of the supernatural life. St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar teaches us that each of us should be united with this Heart so as to have supernatural life within us and to be united at last with God in eternity.

First of all, we must all try to remain in a living union with the Heart of the Lord Jesus by sanctifying grace. Hence, we must take His Heart’s intentions and desires as our own. Finally, we must make a complete offering of all our deeds to this Heart, asking that the Lord Jesus would live in us; that He would think, speak, work and suffer in us.

An essential element of the earthly life of the Lord Jesus was His prayer. He prayed always, especially in important moments. And all His prayers were perfect. Now, He forever prays for us. As King of glory He receives and listens to our prayers and as Mediator He understands our needs and weaknesses and presents them to His Father.

Each of us, not only as a creature and a child of God but also as a poor sinner and transgressor before Him, has the obligation before God to worship Him, thank Him, ask for forgiveness and implore His grace. In a word, each of us must pray. Unfortunately, while there are those on one side who, because they do not believe in God or think of Him, completely neglect prayer; on the other, of those who do pray, their prayers are very often full of distractions, indifference and distrust, and, what is more, their prayers are even proud or sinful at times. Is it any wonder that such prayers often resemble the offering of Cain and consequently God does not hearken to them?

In order that our prayer would be pleasing to God, we must not only pray with recollection, love, humility and persevering hope but we must also pray in the name of Jesus, that is, in accord with His will and in union with Him. Hence, our prayer will then draw its complete strength and power from the goodness and mercy of God and from the merits of the life and the death of the Son of God. In our prayer, we should unite ourselves with the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, with His love and prayers. Then, it will not be simply one individual who prays, but the Lord Jesus Himself who is praying in and with us. In this way our prayer will become perfect and efficacious.

We begin to pray properly by recollecting ourselves and asking the Lord Jesus within us whether the intention of our prayer is in keeping with our Savior’s desires. If such is our prayer, we should unite ourselves with His Heart, presenting our intention to Him, and imploring Him to make intercession for us. It is good for us also to place our prayers in the hands of the Mother of God, the Mediatrix with her Son. Then, turning to the Eternal Father, we should ask Him through the merits of all that our Divine Savior has done and suffered for us to grant us all needed graces.

Hail Redeemer, King Divine

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