June 15: Union with the Heart of Jesus in His Incarnation and Birth

Based on the Writings of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

Meditation 15 – Today’s Meditation

The first aim of the devotion to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus is to know the love of the Lord Jesus more deeply.  From this deeper knowledge should flow our feelings and acts of the will, that is, our worship of this Heart, our thanksgiving and apology, love and self-offering for the sake of His intentions. By reading the Sacred Scriptures and meditating upon the life, deeds and words of the Son of God, we come to recognize the love of the Lord Jesus. Such a love revealed itself, above all, in His Incarnation and birth. As St. Joseph Sebastian writes: “The Incarnation of the Eternal Word is a mystery of incomparable humility and ineffable love … The very God unites human nature with Divinity; the Son of God becomes the Son of the Virgin; the Eternal is born in time; and the Infinite reveals Himself as an infant …The reason for such unfathomable humility is God’s incomprehensible love – and why incomprehensible –because it is infinite. The desire of the Most Holy Trinity to draw closer to His creature by means of the Incarnation of the Word, unveils an immeasurable abyss of self-emptying and love.  Behold, who is God and who are we!  And yet the Son of God receives our nature and unites Himself with His creation.  The manner of this union reveals to us a new abyss of love.  The Son of God could have come to earth clothed with majesty, with maturity of age and a glorified body; yet He came in humility, poverty and suffering.  He came as an infant … He came as the child of the Virgin Mother, not only to become our brother in the flesh, but also to share with us the heart of His Mother… He came out of love for one and all…  From the depths of the manger, as from a first pulpit He cries out: “Come to Me, all you who are looking for truth and light, and I will enlighten you.”  Whoever approaches Him with faith and inclines his ear in meditation, is the one who will hear that interior call: “Behold, O man, and see. I, the Son of God, became a man, that you would know how good the Heavenly Father is; that you would return to Him through Me.”

From the depths of the manger, as from a first pulpit He cries out: “Come to Me, all you who are looking for truth and light, and I will enlighten you.” 

“By His Incarnation, the Son of God became the true Emmanuel –God living with His people, for He lived with them throughout His entire earthly life and now lives in so many tabernacles.  He became our Redeemer, Savior and Mediator. He came to be our priest, our sacrifice and our life…By His Incarnation, Jesus Christ offers to His Heavenly Father through His humanity an act of the most precious homage, on behalf of all rational creatures and the whole world. From His Heart there flows an eternal hymn of glory, worship and love; only one act like this of the Incarnate Word could render greater, immeasurable glory to the Blessed Trinity than all homage offered from an infinite number of worlds possessing even millions of Angels within them…The Eternal Word exalted human nature above the choirs of Angels – even unto the very Majesty of God, for as the soul of Jesus Christ belongs to God, His Body is the Body of God and His Heart is the Heart of God. It is not surprising then that the Angels sing to Him in Bethlehem and serve Him in the desert, that men fall to their knees before Him and that His Body and His Heart receive the praise befitting God Himself.”

Ave Verum – Sung by our Sisters

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