June 16: The love of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in His earthly Life

Based on the Writings of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

Today’s Meditation – Meditation 16

St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar teaches that the mysteries of the life and doctrine of Jesus Christ are like mines filled with Divine treasures, most of all, filled with love. “In the Savior’s earthly life there was
nothing incidental or shallow in depth of meaning; instead each detail, however smallest, served as a foreshadowing, and was preordained from all ages to reveal within itself the wisdom, power and especially the love of God… To this end were all the happenings of the childhood of the Lord Jesus, even His flight into Egypt. The Lord desired by this means to console the persecuted, the alien, the poor, all without a roof over their head or without bread, and to give them a perfect example of how they should approach their lot in life.”

The Savior’s long sojourn in Nazareth sanctified family life and human labor – even the hardest. His stay there was necessary to teach us devotion, humility, obedience and faithfulness in our daily tasks, and the Holy Family became the example for the fathers, mothers and children of all generations. All the words, deeds and miracles of the Savior, particularly those revealing the goodness and tenderness of His Heart and the love of His Father, were at once the revelation of the power and love of God. Who is there, do you suppose, who can read or listen to the parables of the Good Samaritan and the Good Shepherd, the words the Lord Jesus uttered at the Last Supper or from the cross, and remain unmoved? Who could look with indifference upon the Lord as He speaks with the Samaritan woman, forgives the sinful one, or weeps at the sight of Jerusalem’s hardheartedness? In such words and signs there is hidden the incomprehensible abyss of love whose source is the Heart of the Lord.

The life of the Lord Jesus in Nazareth, together with His teaching, are proofs that it was because of us and out of love for us that He wanted to reveal Himself in daily work and relationships with those whom He met. In this period of His life, the Lord Jesus becomes for us, above all, our Master, Physician and Consoler. Yet there are but few who will hasten to the Divine Master for the light of His truth and law. So many are the sick in soul – like so many Lazarus’ in their addictions, yet so few in number are those who would hasten to the Divine Physician for health and life; many who are unhappy and falling under the burden of the cross, but so few those who will hasten to the refreshment and relief of the Divine Comforter.

He did all things well, for His intention was the glory of His Father and the salvation of mankind.

While Jesus Christ, as God-Man, did not need to prepare Himself for His public life, He still chose to do so throughout His thirty years of hidden life in Nazareth and during His forty days’ fast in the desert. By working, He always fulfilled the will of His Heavenly Father. He did all things well, for His intention was the glory of His Father and the salvation of mankind. He accepted burdens, pains and humiliations. He performed each deed with Divine perfection, and was always teaching
even if this brought Him much rejection.

Heart of Jesus, Hear – Sung by our Sisters
To Jesus’ Heart All Burning – Sung by our Sisters

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