June 18: The love of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus in His glorified life

Based on the Writings of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

Meditation 18
Heart of Jesus, House of God and Gate of Heaven, have mercy on us!

The glorified life of Christ contains many salvific events: His Resurrection, Ascension and glorious coronation in heaven, the descent of the Holy Spirit and the action of the Lord Jesus through the Holy Spirit. At this period of His life, the Savior continues to reveal God’s great love for us.  “The Lord’s Resurrection,” writes St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar, “strengthens our love for God and neighbor. The fire of love burning within the Heart of the Lord Jesus emanated from His opened side, and coming forth with Him from the tomb, has shone throughout all the earth and through all ages, enkindling millions upon millions of human hearts.  Inflamed with this fire of love, the Apostles are crying out through the lips of St. Paul: For to me “to live” means Christ (Phil 1:21), and they go out to all parts of the world proclaiming Christ the Lord, going forth to suffer and die for Him…The martyrs run with joy to the sword, the scaffold and the pyre. Priests, hermits and religious offer the Lord their suffering and mortification. The family is renewed by the power of Christ’s teaching, for its bond has become a pure, sacrificial and unending love. Society is also renewed by it, for the Church brings fraternity and equality, and pours out upon the whole world the mercy of God.”

The Lord Jesus ascended into heaven to receive the glory that was befitting His Manhood both by right of His unity with the Divinity and because of His sorrowful Passion and death. He ascended not only for Himself but also for humanity, as He wanted to make us participants in His glory.  Seated at the right hand of His Father, the Lord Jesus did not stop thinking of us. He gives Himself to us constantly and completely, for His Heart, although now glorified and full of joy, has never ceased to love us. Even in heaven the Lord Jesus belongs fully to us. He is our Mediator, who, implores mercy for us by showing His Heavenly Father His wounds and pierced Heart. The Lord Jesus, especially through the hands of the Most Blessed Virgin, bestows heavenly gifts upon earth and grants them through the ministry of His Church.  As King and Ruler, He leads us through the battles of life and fortifies our weak, human strength. He is the Judge who as long as we live will administer over us in the Sacrament of Penance His judgment of mercy and justice, yet who after our death will exercise the judgment of justice alone. Jesus, the Mediator, is ever awaiting us that we would implore the Father for forgiveness and graces through His Heart. Such is the surest way to gain heaven.

“Long for heaven, “St. Joseph Sebastian teaches us, “fly to the Lord as on wings, and never lose your peace. Cease not to work for the glory of God and the salvation of your soul until the Lord decides to say: ‘It is time.’ Remember that here you have no lasting city, but are awaiting another. Live then like the traveler or exile who, on returning to the fatherland, takes only what is necessary from earth.   And yet collect heavenly treasures zealously. Through the Immaculate hands of Mary, entrust all your merits to the Heart of the Lord Jesus.”

I Have Loved You – Sung By Our Sisters

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