June 26: The Heart of the Master, our Shepherd and Guide

Based on the Writings of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

The Apostles and disciples of the Lord Jesus saw in Him their good Teacher and Master. They were full of admiration for His teaching and power, but especially for the virtues that radiated from His Person.  Above all, they held Him in the highest esteem since there was also no contradiction between His teaching and His way of life. They were in awe of the inexhaustible love He showed them and to all whom He met. They also felt intuitively that the power of His love exceeded their greatest expectations in this regard.

Closer to our times, St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar, disciple and apostle of the Heart of Jesus presents us not only with what is taken from the tradition of the ages but also draws upon what he himself found.  He writes that Jesus Christ, while even still in the womb of Mary, by his life was teaching us to love obedience, recollection, silence and mortification.  In the manger He showed us surrender, poverty of spirit, humility and meekness.  Later, in His earthly life, He was continually giving examples of sacrifice and entrustment to Divine Providence. In Nazareth and Jerusalem during His boyhood, He taught us how to advance in goodness, how to love religious observance and customs, and how to live a hidden life of obedience, devotion and hard work. As He grew up, He was giving us the example of perfect prayer, of how to combat Satan and to fight the temptations of the flesh, the world and the pride of life.

The Lord Jesus became the Master because He brought God’s truth and proclaimed it by His life and His words. He taught it with great respect and love, as well as with clarity, accommodating Himself to His listeners and often using parables. In many places and situations He also spoke by His very demeanor to those mentioned in the Gospel.  He has spoken clearly by His Passion and death; likewise, through His glorious life and by remaining with us in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Today the Lord Jesus teaches His truth and Divine life – from the lips of His Church and by His presence in the most holy mystery of the Altar.

The Heart of the Lord Jesus is also the exemplar and Master since it is the school of all virtues. In It, the inexperienced can learn a holy life, and especially love, for it was out of love that this Heart has sacrificed Himself upon the cross and continues to sacrifice Himself in the Sacrament of the Altar. He calls out to us: Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble of heart (Mt 11:29). The Heart of Jesus is at once purest and holiest. It is meek and sweet, merciful and sensitive. It burns with zeal for the Father’s glory and our salvation. It reveals itself as humble, patient and obedient unto death.

Jesus Christ is also our best Shepherd and Guide to heaven. He penetrates the hidden matters of the human heart and draws His sheep to Himself. He seeks them out in the wilderness, carries them in His arms, and feeds them with His very self.

The Lord Jesus, our Guide, is at once our best Counselor. If we come to Him with trust and ask, “Lord Jesus, direct me”, He immediately responds to us.

To receive light in all doubts and difficult situations, knock at the Heart of your Shepherd, hidden in the Most Blessed Sacrament, and call as well upon the intercession of our Mother of Good Counsel.

Shepherd Me, O God – Sung by our Sisters

Heart of Jesus, Hear! – Sung by our Sisters
Sacred Heart Song – Michael John Poirier
Behold this Heart – Fr. Joseph Gill

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