June 27: The Heart of the King

Based on the Writings of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

The Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus can also be called the feast of Christ, King of the Universe since the reign of the Divine Heart is based upon true love. The preface for this day expresses it beautifully, speaking about the Kingdom of truth and life, holiness and grace, justice, love and peace.

St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar teaches that as God-Man and King of heaven, the Lord Jesus lowered His royal majesty, took upon Himself the form of a servant and emptied Himself unto death on the cross. Now all the hosts of Angels and Saints humbly bow before Him and sing an endless hymn of glory.

The Lord Jesus is King of the earth. All people are subject to His authority and, if not in life, then after death they must bend the knee before Him. Unseen, He rules in His Kingdom that is the Church, thus the gates of hell shall not prevail against her.

The Lord Jesus is the victorious King who conquers the kingdom of Satan, for He has vanquished his gates, and by His death He has conquered the prince of darkness.

Jesus Christ is also King of the Church Suffering, that is, of the souls in Purgatory who endure their torments as the temporal punishment they did not expiate during their life. The Lord Jesus has pity upon the souls who are there. “Without a doubt,” St. Joseph Sebastian writes, “these souls, uniting themselves with the Church Triumphant and Militant, adore their Savior and King, present on the Altar and in our tabernacles.” He permits us on earth to help the souls in Purgatory by our prayers, almsgiving, good deeds, fasting, mortification, and, above all, by the Sacrifice of the Holy Mass. This gracious King permits that we recommend our needs to their prayers, all of us who are continuing on the path to His Kingdom.

The Lord Jesus as Lord and Creator is King to all people, but especially of Christians. The soul, heart and conscience of Christians must be completely surrendered to the rule of Christ the King. St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar writes: “Through holy baptism the Lord Jesus becomes King of the soul, and the soul becomes His Kingdom. The soul, therefore, declares through the lips of the godparents that it renounces the kingdom of Satan and surrenders itself totally under the scepter of Jesus Christ. From this time forward the soul will be ruled by His principles, listen to His commandments and offer Him due sacrifice. Joy to the soul, who throughout its entire life, fulfills this promise and never rebels against its King, or who after each transgression will return immediately to God’s grace. In such a soul the Lord Jesus reigns completely, and His Kingdom is a Kingdom of light, for, with Jesus, trust, love and patience enter the human heart. This Kingdom is also the Kingdom of freedom, for wherever He reigns there is a holy freedom. It is also the Kingdom of glory because He makes His servants kings.”  Each Christian is the friend of the Heavenly King whom the Lord honors with His great mark of confidence. If one would be great, powerful and glorious, more than any king or monarch in the world, then wholly surrender to the dominion of the King of the kings, who is Jesus Christ the Lord.

Motto of Our Congregation – Sung by our Sisters
Heart of Jesus, Hear – Sung by our Sisters
Sacred Heart Song – Michael John Poirier
Behold This Heart – Fr. Joseph Gill

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