June 28: The Heart of the Most Tender Father

Based on the Writings of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

From the creation of the world, God has shown Himself to be a Father to the whole human family, but in a special way towards His chosen people.  Nevertheless, it was only the Lord Jesus who brought to earth the most joyful news: that God is our best Father. He knows what we need and what is good for us. God the Father cares for us incomparably more than other creature, and He loves us infinitely. The Heart of the Son of God was always most closely united to His Heavenly Father.  This was shown especially in His prayer in Gethsemane.

Jesus Christ not only taught about His Father but He also showed Himself to be the best Father to us. With what great love He taught the ignorant, healed the weak, consoled the afflicted and fed the hungry with spiritual and earthly bread. In the parables of the Good Shepherd, the lost sheep and the prodigal son, the Lord Jesus revealed the depths of His Heart filled with love toward sinners and the desire for their conversion. Longing to give His children supernatural and eternal life, He died for them, enduring the most horrible pains and insults. Can there be any greater love? He has loved us to the end, to the end of the ages, and beyond all measure, for He has remained among His children – remaining not simply in one place, Palestine, but remaining upon all the altars in so many churches. He remained not in the radiance of glory as on Mount Tabor, but clothed Himself instead in the garment of the greatest humiliation, so as not to terrify His children, but rather by meekness to draw them to Himself. He remained with us, although foreseeing that many of His ungrateful children would reject and even insult Him. Jesus stayed not only to live among His children in churches but also to visit them in their homes and to enter their souls. O Lord, how good a Father you are!  Truly, you have kept the promise that you made to us at the Last Supper: Do not let your hearts be troubled (Jn 14:1). I will not leave you orphaned (Jn1 4:18).

For the sake of His children, this Father has built a great home –the Catholic Church, with which He has supplied everything that serves their good and salvation, that is, light, warmth and nourishment. He lives and acts continually in this home; He governs this home; and He protects this home that the waves of the ages will not carry it off or fill it with error or sin. As our Father, the Lord Jesus is providing food for us His children, since He has left in His home the spiritual bread – the bread of truth and bread of Sacrament – and which will never be wanting.

The Heart of the Father loves all children although He does not provide for them all in the same way. Those who serve Him faithfully or try to serve Him better, He exalts and showers with supernatural gifts and sweetness, as we see in the lives of so many Saints. Unfortunately, there are also blind children who run from Him and thereby perish forever out of hunger. Oh, how His Heart grieves over them!

Relying on the omnipotence and goodness of God, trust God in everything and throughout your entire life; and affectionately nestle upon this Heart. This Heart is the throne of mercy from which we can always hear:  Come, all you, to me (Mt 11:28).

Here I Am, Lord – Sung by our Sisters
Good, Good Father – Chris Tomlin

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