June 29: The Apostolate as the Expression of Our Love for the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Based on the Writings of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

The Christian who truly strives for perfect love for the Lord Jesus is one who is overcome with ardent devotion for His Heart, shares His aspirations and desires, and strives with all his strength that they may be fulfilled. What then are these desires of the Heart of Jesus who is reigning now in glory and is hidden in the Sacred Mystery of the Altar?

As in His earthly life, so now also He desires glory for His Heavenly Father and the salvation of mankind.  This is the reason why the Son of God took upon Himself a human body, why He lived hidden in Nazareth and publicly proclaimed the Good News. For this purpose He also instituted the sacrament of the priesthood, died upon the cross and remained with us in the Most Blessed Sacrament. The Heart of Jesus ardently desires that His Church would be spread to all nations throughout the whole world and would embrace all centuries. He desires that His Church would live and grow in peace, and would enlighten and sanctify all people. Everything that helps the Church in fulfilling its mission is dear to the Heart of Jesus.  In this task, what is most necessary and helpful for the Church is: the submission in faith to the Holy Father, the holiness and zeal of priests and religious, the just government of people, the propagation of missions and the development of charitable works of mercy and the various Catholic organizations.

True devotees and lovers of the Heart of Jesus assume His aspirations and desires. They not only strive eagerly for their own sanctification alone but become apostles of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus as well. St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar urges: “Brothers and sisters in Christ, especially you fathers and mothers of families, you should watch that your children be holy and that each of your homes become a domestic Church. All of you should remain beneath the banner of the cross, close to your bishops and priests. All of you should be Catholic ‘in spirit and in truth’ and, at the same time, must work for the sanctification of your families. Participate in Catholic organizations and activities, and do not push Catholic-social action only onto the priests and a few volunteers…There are not many with strong Catholic norms who are always and everywhere faithful to them in private and public life, at home and school, in government and everywhere else. There are not many with an ardent heart who will identify with the joys and sufferings of the Church, and who, for every religious cause will be ready to sacrifice. There are not many with an apostolic spirit who, grateful for their grace of faith, try to draw others to God.”

There is also a great number of half-hearted and lukewarm Christians who remove themselves from the life of the Church and avoid priests and going to church. There are many who serve only the gods of the modern world, namely, pleasure, riches and vainglory. The task, now, for the apostles of the Divine Heart and to which the love of God compels them, is to enkindle the spirit of Christ in human hearts.

I Have Loved You – Sung By Our Sisters
Soul of My Savior – Sung by our Sisters
Veni Sponsa, Christi – Come, Spouse of Christ, receive the crown the Lord has prepared for you for all eternity. Sung by Sr. Mary Joseph Calore, SSCJ accompanied by Sr. Mary Barbara Hoyt, SSCJ on organ, and Sr. Angela Marie Igou on violin.

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