June 30: The Means and Ways of the Apostolate of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus

Based on the Writings of St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar

Whoever would like to be called a devotee and lover of the Heart of Jesus, beholding this Heart, must work as much as possible to increase God’s glory upon earth. Zeal for the glory of God should be our first care and daily task.  As St. Joseph Sebastian Pelczar says, following from St. John Chrysostom: “If we seek only our own gain, we live in the world in vain. Be therefore like the industrious worker in what refers directly to God’s glory and increases it upon earth.”

The lover of the Heart of Jesus desires also the salvation of others.  First of all, the love of God compels him.  He who loves God and wants to please Him shares the Divine intention and is concerned for its fulfillment. The example of Christ urges Him on to care for each person, knowing that the price of salvation is immeasurable. Moreover the person is a royal work of God, more precious than the whole world. Each person’s worth is as much as the Blood of the Savior. Whoever participates and supports the priests in their pastoral work, gives great joy to the Heart of Jesus. St. John Chrysostom says even that whoever will convert but one sinner is more pleasing to the Lord than the one who gives all his possession to the poor. The source of such an apostolate proceeds from zeal for the glory of God, care for the salvation of people and the good of the Church. These only can impel us to action to fulfill God’s great plans.

The apostolate of the Heart of Jesus is realized through prayer, penance, suffering, sacrifice and deeds. The Heart of Jesus ardently desires a prayerful intercession, therefore the true apostle prays eagerly and frequently for the intentions of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.  A true apostle of this Heart also spreads His Kingdom through penance and suffering. He makes expiation not only for his own sins but for those of others as well. The crosses that the Lord sends him, he carries eagerly and courageously so that God will be honored.  A true apostle of the Heart of Jesus contributes to His glory by spiritual and material gifts that help toward the educational and charitable work of the Church. He works also, as his state of life and abilities allow him, to spread faith and devotion in individuals, families and society. He conscientiously fulfills his obligations yet at the same time works for the sanctification of those around him. He gives testimony to his faith before unbelievers or those indifferent in their faith. He distributes valuable books, magazines and films. Having access to the mass media, he makes use of it to spread truthful information and good and to defend moral and religious values.

He cares for the fainthearted, the abandoned and those lost in life. In a word, the apostle of the Heart of Jesus does as much good as he can, and does not seek in it his own gain. He does all this in union with the Church and strives interiorly for meekness, courage, prudence and wholehearted love for neighbor.

Today, how much we need such apostles of the Heart of Jesus, full of renunciation, dedication and zeal!

Heart of Jesus, Hear! – Sung by our Sisters
Here I Am, Lord – Sung by our Sisters
I Have Loved You – Sung By Our Sisters
Holy Is His Name – Sung by our Sisters

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